IAmOrganized (IAMO) is a technology aiming to bring User Interfaces closer to natural human behavior (graphical, chronological and relational).  

In 2012, Apple Inc. acquired the Audet Axis-Based User Interface original patent portfolio of IAMO. Meanwhile, a large portion of work was still under development. 

Since then, the technology behind Audet Axis-Based User Interface has evolved. IAMO has reached sufficient maturity and is ready to be brought to a large audience. 


A second-generation portfolio protecting dozens of new functionalities is now for sale.


Improvements and Enhancements to the Axis-Based User Interface

Adjustable Axis-Based Interfaces

Advanced Pattern Mapping

Platform for Sharing

Document Versioning

Cloud Architecture

Blockchain Ready








Two rudimentary exemplary stand alone applications can be downloaded for experimenting a glimpse of the axes-based interface possibilities.

1- The apps include limited functions associated with the axis-based interface. 
2- Each app can be use on Windows and on Mac OS.
3- Mac OS users must change their security settings to be able to install the apps.
4- The exemplary app illustrating the patent portfolio does not include an exhaustive list of documents. Please see IPXCL.com for the complete portfolio.
5- The exemplary app illustrating AirBNB data is provided as an experimental use of the axis-based interface and is relying on AirBNB data.
6- We decline all responsibilities for the use of the apps. 
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